Dell Streak dropped to just $99.99 from AT&T

Dell Streak dropped to just $99.99 from AT&T


Maybe that larger five-inch screen isn’t going over so well with consumers. Maybe more people have turned their attention over to the hot new Google Nexus S for their Android follies. Whatever the case, the Dell Streak has just been hit with a price drop to the sub-three figure mark.

If you make your way over to your local Best Buy Mobile location, you’ll learn that Dell’s smartphone-cum-tablet is currently selling for $99.99 with a qualifying two-year AT&T service contract. That’s actually a really good deal for something like this, assuming that you can shoehorn the five-inch handheld into your jeans pocket.

As a bit of a Debbie Downer, the Streak is still shipping with the rather dated Android 1.6 Donut, but the Android 2.2 Froyo update is being planned for release some time in January. That’s not terribly long to wait, is it?

Running through the quick spec sheet, we find a 5MP camera, VGA front-facing cam, microSD slot, and 16GB internal memory. And that big screen. You can’t forget about the big screen.