Riven, the Myst app sequel weighs in at a whopping 1GB

Riven, the Myst app sequel weighs in at a whopping 1GB


If you’re a fan and thought last year’s Myst App download was bloated, then get a load of this year’s 1.01GB version.

Developed by Cyan Worlds, they give potential downloaders fair warning that:

“Riven for iOS is a VERY, VERY large application… so PLEASE BE PATIENT – download times and syncing times can be longer! It’s possible on slower iOS devices for the downloading/syncing to pause FOR 10 OR 15 MINUTES.”

The Developers add that they highly recommend using iTunes on your computer to download the app first and then move to sync with your iDevice of choice.

Managing to compress Riven from it’s original DVD size to a mere 1 GB is no small feat so Cyan Worlds has to be commended for that and by all accounts they’ve already won the award for the largest app available. Sitting right now with a full 5-star rating on the App store it appears users don’t mind waiting a little bit longer for a download to get their Myst fix.

We think the publicity associated with the heavy weigh-in will probably help Cyan Worlds given that the game is ringing in at $6, which is a pretty high premium by app standards, but likely a price most Myst-lovers won’t mind shelling out.