iGrill turns your iPhone into a meat thermometer

iGrill turns your iPhone into a meat thermometer


It’s no great surprise that invention begets further invention and innovation. Sure the guy who made the wheel is pretty great, but the guy who took four of those wheels, added a combustion engine and a kick-ass sound system is friggin brilliant! So Apple, thanks for the wheel, but the forward-thinking geniuses at iDevices just blew our minds.

Premiering at CES in a few weeks, iDevices is set to make a big splash with their first ever product: the iGrill. The iGrill is, believe it or not, a Bluetooth meat thermometer.

Like most great innovations, the brilliance comes in it’s simplicity. You have the iGrill hardware itself and then the companion app. The iGrill hardware is placed in your oven or on the bar-b-que with it’s handy metal probe implanted in your pending feast. While your Tur-Duc-Kin is sizzling away you can check up on the current temperature with the iGrill app and set it to start buzzing when your desired temperature is hit.

And just in case turkey dinner is at Aunt Betty’s and your iPhone gets doused in red wine during a minor family disagreement about Obama’s birthplace, the iGrill hardware can operate like a traditional standalone meat thermometer if needed.

For $99 (or $119 to have dual meat probes) we think it’s the most ridiculous thing you can’t afford not to have.

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