Facebook chat shows up on Google Android app

Facebook chat shows up on Google Android app


Facebook isn’t just about checking out embarrassing pictures of your friends in their less than flattering moments; it’s about ridiculing them in real time about these pictures. The Facebook app for Android has now been updated to grant you that ability, thanks to the addition of Facebook chat.

Yes, there are already all sorts of IM clients out there, on the Android platform and elsewhere, that allow you to communicate through the Facebook Chat protocol, but this one is built into the official app. This way, you can be in the middle of updating your wall, checking into Places, and reading the news feed as you chat with your Facebook buddies too.

The Facebook Chat integration also includes push notifications. This way, you don’t have to keep popping back into the Chat and hitting refresh to see if your buddy has responded to your bombardment of shame for pictures from last night’s party. How on Earth did he manage to get into the club with a traffic cone on his head anyway?

[Giz via Droid Life]