Smart Diagram for Android goes with the flow

Smart Diagram for Android goes with the flow


Making diagrams seems to be something we can never get enough of. Personally, I don’t make diagrams, but if you’re work demands some type of diagram or flow chart making activities, then Smart Diagram for Android devices is probably going to appeal to you. The gesture based app lets you simply make shapes on a blank canvas, the shapes are then anatomically corrected and you’re able to input text within them. You can connect said shapes by drawing lines, zoom in with multitouch, and export them in various different ways. Not exactly rocket science, but it does look fairly quick to use in the video below. Check the press release below for full features on exportable options, even SVG for Visio and a QR code download link.

[Free Download via Silly Cube]

Android App – Smart Diagram Launched; Handy Diagram Making in Android
Hong Kong (14 December 2010) – SillyCube Technology Ltd. has launched a diagram design tool, Smart Diagram, for Android. Smart Diagram brings easy diagram making to Android. The application is designed specifically for the small screen. With multitouch enabled screen, users can easily draw a diagram, just like on a flat white paper. With gestures operation, square, circle and diamond shape can be created easily. They can be quickly connected with a line gesture. Zooming will be as handy as an multitouch gesture.

After processing, Smart Diagram enable users to export the resource to png, jpg and svg. User can import svg file to Visio for further editing. Alternative your diagram can be sent via email. Smart Diagram can be useful for Flow Chart, Mind Mapping, Tree Diagram, etc.

Create Shape with Gesture
Rectangle, Circle and Diamond block can be easily drawn on the screen.

Drag & Drop Delete
Simply press a shape then hold for a second, drag it to the rubbish bin and it will be deleted

Manually Shape Movement
Shape can be easily navigated to other areas instantly. Just touch it for half second and move it away. No painful movement again.

Easy Sharing
A finished map can be exported to jpg, pdf, svg or shared with your colleagues with email. You will never leave it on your phone now.

Clean Workdesk
Canvas will be kept clean as your workdesk. Buttons will no longer take up your precious space for diagram.

Users can download Smart Diagram by entering
“” in Android Market. The app works for android 2.1 or above. This version will be free.

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