Memory Time Watch Concept: Time measured in memories

Memory Time Watch Concept: Time measured in memories


“Time flows like a river. Time is endless. It continues from the past to present and later on to the future.”

What a profound statement that really puts time, life and our experiences into perspective. As much as some of us wish that we could just have a few seconds to catch our breath, time does not stop for anything, it continues toward an endless purpose and expects everyone to try to keep up. It is up to us to find value in the moments that we are granted.

This is essentially the philosophy behind the Memory Time Watch by Wonjune Song; it challenges the limits that we have put on time by associating it with 12 numbers. The eye-catching piece “expresses the essence of time” by having a dark face dial, that represents the value of time gone by, gradually working to cover the inner mechanics of the watch as the day goes on. It looks something like a steampunk Casio G-Shock, with its exposed inner gears, which is definitely a unique look and will attract some attention and curiousity. I don’t think we are in for a significant change in our method of measuring time, so as for the majority of consumers who don’t want to be late for every other scheduled appointment, stick to simple digits.

[Yanko Design via Wonjune Song]