Casio watch face with solar panel shown at ECO fair

Casio watch face with solar panel shown at ECO fair


I always thought that those kinetic watches were pretty cool. You just have to give them a little bit of motion every once in a while and the battery would get recharged. Casio is going even simpler with a couple of its watches, hiding a solar panel behind the clock face. This way, unless you live in a darkened basement and never emerge, the watch will keep ticking pretty much forever.

This comes by way of the Eco Product 2010 event where Casio is showing off its popular G-Shock and Oceanus series watches. More specifically, they’re offering an “exploded view” of a G-Shock watch, showing each of the individual components and how they work with one another. We saw this technology back in May with the likes of a solar green Hulk looking watch. What’s really cool about it is that the solar panel is placed behind the watch face in order to collect the sun’s rays, and keep on ticking.

In the case of the Oceanus, the watch only consumes 6.2-watts (the same as a single LED light) to keep on ticking, providing up to 860,000 watch movements. I’m not really sure how that translates into actual time, ironically enough, but I’d imagine that’s a while.

It would be really neat if they could implement this kind of technology into LCD of smartphones, but I’m thinking that the small solar panels wouldn’t provide nearly enough power for power hungry devices to be worth the trouble.

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