Yoomi Duo iPad game first to use hardware module

Yoomi Duo iPad game first to use hardware module


The first ever iPad game to be combined with real hardware is now available for purchase from Toys R’ Us. The game called “Yoomi Duo” uses a round chip holder that sits atop the iPad’s LCD, players use the chips and place them on the holder while guessing which image the other player would choose.

“Each player takes a turn being the Chooser, indicating which of the two items they prefer by tapping their selection in the secret compartment of Duo. For example, would you prefer big bugs or small dogs? Fly to the moon or dive to the bottom of the ocean? Loch Ness Monster or Bigfoot?”

The game is uses illustrations in color, so non-readers can play as well. Whoever ends up with the most tokens at the end of the game wins.

You can pick it up for $39.99 from Toys R’ Us, the app is a free download.

[Toys R Us, iTunes via Yoomi Website]