Bringing buoys to the space age

Bringing buoys to the space age


Tablets, cars, computers, pretty much everything is being hit by a wave of technological advances, so why not buoys?  That is exactly what Tae Hoon Lee and Sung Yong Kim thought when they designed their new Hybrid Energy Buoy. The design of the buoy itself looks like it came to Earth in search of intelligent life.

If you are impressed by its spaceship like outward appearance, then you will not be surprised to hear that the technology that runs this buoy is on the cutting edge, nearly enough to be able to call it other-worldly.  You can’t miss the vivid reflective orange exterior in daylight, at night it utilizes a series of super bright LED lights that shine through dark skies to guide ships out in the open ocean.  It runs autonomously through the use of GPS, and can move to a different location as needed or to avoid dangers in the way, like red tide. And just to make sure that no disastrous computer errors occur, using RFID (Radio-frequency identification), the buoy can be traced and controlled via remote by a capable human.

All of those features are made possible by even more near future technology that powers each buoy. It utilizes a hybrid system to fulfill its energy requirements with a rechargeable battery powered by, a large solar energy cell at the top of the buoy, and an EPAM (Electro polymer artificial muscle) continuously producing 5w of electricity every second, it is the equivalent of a human muscle but it produces electricity using the motion of the ocean, extending and contracting with the waves.

If we can bring the old buoys that look like floating metal oil derricks into the 21st century, then there are limitless possibilities to how technology can change our world in other areas.

[Yanko Design]