Sprint 4G tablet being placed for 2011

Sprint 4G tablet being placed for 2011


I’d really rather not get back into the discussion about what is really 4G, so we’ll just take their marketing speak at face value for now. Whatever the case, it looks like Sprint is getting ready to sell a tablet with WiMAX 4G connectivity in the new year.

The idea from Sprint, it seems, is to start luring “traveling enterprise users away from notebooks.” By tempting them with tablets, Sprint has another way to cash in on their wireless data needs. In reference to tablets, Sprint president of business markets group Paget Alves did say that he couldn’t “think of anything that’s moved this quickly.”

The exact details of the upcoming 4G tablet have not been revealed, but Alves does mention that they are moving beyond just the Android platform for tablets. In the context of business, they might be going with a Windows 7 tablet, for example. Perhaps more interestingly, it’s possible (though unlikely) that a Sprint-exclusive version of the RIM PlayBook could be rocking WiMAX.

For now, Sprint only has the Galaxy Tab from Samsung on its shelves, but Alves fully expects to pick up several from the “at least 12 different tablets” being unveiled at next month’s CES in Las Vegas.

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