Gawker hacked, what you need to do

Gawker hacked, what you need to do


Well, whatever Gawker media did to get hacked and have their source code as well as their entire commenters email database released is besides the point here.   They’ve been known to ruffle a few feathers, and it seems that someone (a hack group called Gnosis) is not taking it lightly.  In fact, they are pretty pissed off.   Gawker has been caught with their tail between their legs, and now its being pulled on.  If you’re a commenter on Gawker media properties, like our friends over at Gizmodo, then your password is likely compromised.  What this means is you better change it, use secure passwords that are not easily crackable, and don’t use the same password for every site you register on. Most of our devices save our passwords, so its easy to use strong passwords, with multiple upper case, lower case, numbers and weird characters.

The best thing for you to do to prevent yourself from being a victim is to use a password manager that encrypts your passwords.  This may help if things like this happen to bigger properties, like Facebook.  Here is the link to a few that will run on your iPhone, Androids and BlackBerry:

The lesson for today is keep your passwords strong, encrypted, and don’t underestimate hackers.  All information on the internet can be obtained in some way by someone.