Rubin shows Android Honeycomb running on Motorola tablet

Rubin shows Android Honeycomb running on Motorola tablet


Google co-founder Andy Rubin turned heads at All Things Digital’s D: Dive Into Mobile conference in San Francisco this week. During a talk at the conference Andy showed off his baby, the new Android 3.0 OS (aka ‘Honeycomb’). As a double whammy he previewed the OS on Motorola’s prototype tablet, helping the hardware manufacturer jostle for position as they enter the market.

Illustrating the high expectations Google has for the tablet market, Honeycomb appears to be optimized for these mobile devices. From what we’ve seen, Google has been leveraging the extra screen space giving the Honeycomb desktop a sleek redesign, a fancy new app grid and an updated Gmail app.

Motorola’s tablet looks to be button-free and Rubin revealed it will be video-chat capable and packing a NVIDIA processor and a dual core 3D processor. The name is yet to be determined, but it will be on Verizon WIreless and is code-named “Stingray.”

Both are slated to launch sometime in the next year. We’re not sure exactly why both companies need a 365 day window to launch these highly anticipated products, but we’ll wait somewhat patiently and practice our finger crunches in eager anticipation.

Watch Andy play with Honeycomb in the video below.

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