Ford to install rear view cameras as standard equipment on most vehicles

Ford to install rear view cameras as standard equipment on most vehicles


Let’s face it, some people aren’t very good at parallel parking, so they try to use technology in their favor. That’s partly how rear view cameras in cars came about in the first place, but they were largely a luxury feature. For Ford, that might be changing. The automotive maker is looking to make rearview cameras a standard feature throughout its lineup.

Now, I suppose I can justify the use of a backup camera when you’re trying to parallel park something like a Ford Expedition, but do you really need a rear view camera when you’re gently squeezing into a parking spot with your Ford Fiesta? Seriously, if you’re looking at the camera’s video feed on your mirror rather than having your head turned around at the task at hand in a tiny little hatchback, you may not be fit for the road anyway.

That’s for parallel parking assistance. The other half of the equation is that sometimes you can’t see if there’s a small child (or dog) hanging out behind your back bumper as you put the car into reverse. The rear facing camera will elucidate the situation for you.

In any case, Ford’s plan is to have the rear view camera system installed as standard equipment on “almost all of its line by 2011.” The good news is that the plan calls for pickup trucks, vans, and crossovers, and not so much for tiny hatches like the Fiesta. Thank you for being reasonable, blue oval.