DoT “exploring” technology to disable cell phones in cars

DoT “exploring” technology to disable cell phones in cars


The US Department of Transportation is currently investigating technology that would disable a users cell phone while in a car. The report comes after Transportation secretary, Ray LaHood announced that the organization is looking at ways to ensure drivers will not be able to make calls in a car. “There’s a lot of technology out there that can disable phones and we’re looking at that.” said LaHood. Although this could pose some problems when emergency situations arise, it would be assumed that the technology, if it does become implemented in future vehicles, would be NFC (near field communication) based and would allow the user to make a call after stepping away from the vehicle.

Though the DoT is exploring, spokeswoman Olivia Alair wanted to make sure everyone understands that the department is just “examining this technology,” and has “no intention” to require it at the moment. LaHood’s campaign has focused on “raising awareness, getting good laws on the books, stepping up enforcement, and most importantly, taking personal responsibility,” she added.

Would you feel safer having cell phones completely blocked from being used in cars? That also means passengers would not be able to make calls. Or is the hands-free mandate enough to satisfy you’re safety needs?

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