Dell Vostro V130 notebook uses hyperbaric tech for maximum cool

Dell Vostro V130 notebook uses hyperbaric tech for maximum cool


As laptops get thinner and lighter, it becomes increasingly difficult for manufacturers to shoehorn in adequate sets of fans to keep the heat down. Dell’s Vostro V130 addresses the imminent overheating problem by utilizing Hyperbaric Cooling.

The Intel Advanced Cooling Technology system is what Dell uses, they still makes use of fans, but it does so in a much more efficient manner. It doesn’t just draw air universally into the laptop from its surroundings; instead, it redirects the flow of air as needed toward specific components. Say the graphics card is heating up a little too quickly; the Hyperbaric Cooling system will guide the air in that direction and then channel the warmer air back out.

Apparently, this is more efficient also helps to reduce the noise of fans too. That’s a good thing, but the effects on the battery life have yet to be determined. After all, it’s working a little harder than just blowing air randomly into the system as a whole.

The rest of the specs on the somewhat business-oriented Dell Vostro V130 aren’t really anything to write home about. You get a choice of Core i3 or i5 ULV processor, a 13.3-inch HD WLED display, full-sized keyboard, Bluetooth, WiFi, WiMAX support, and a 0.65″ to 0.78″ inch tapering profile. The whole package weighs in at just 3.5 pounds and starts at a cool $429.

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