Sprint Epic 4G outfitted with Game Gripper NES-style joystick

Sprint Epic 4G outfitted with Game Gripper NES-style joystick


You might be getting excited about the prospects of the impending Sony PlayStation Phone release, but you can get that real gaming experience on your smartphone right now. The folks at Game Gripper have just expanded their lineup to include the Sprint Epic 4G.

As with other models in the company’s lineup, this product is a snap-on piece of plastic that goes over your QWERTY keyboard. This way, you get the look and feel of a classic gamepad. You could play with the QWERTY keyboard, but a Genesis-inspired controller is definitely better for games like Street Fighter; this layout even provides the two rows of three buttons for shoryuken-ing and yoga firing needs.

This does mean that you’ll be hauling around an extra plastic shell with you when you hit the subway in the morning, but your gaming experience on the go will probably be more satisfying too. I’m not a fan of touchscreen controls, particularly for classic games, so this is an interesting adaptaion. I just hope the button response is good, because I figure the face buttons are just hitting the keys on your keyboard underneath.

As with the other Game Gripper offerings, the Epic 4G model lists at just $14.99.