Sprint 4G WiMAX goes live in five more major markets

Sprint 4G WiMAX goes live in five more major markets


Are you rocking one of those cool Samsung Epic 4G smartphones with hardly any 4G coverage in sight? If you happen to be among the five new markets announced today, that has now changed. Sprint has rolled out its WiMAX network to Los Angeles, Miami, Washington DC, Cleveland, and Columbus. Go ahead. Enjoy the faster speeds.

With the addition of these five major city centers, Sprint is now offering is 4G network to 68 markets across the United States. This includes such notable destinations as Boston, Chicago, Dallas, and New York City. San Francisco is getting added to the mix by the end of the year on December 28, assuming everything goes according to plan.

Yes, I know that the most hardcore of enthusiasts will be quick to point out that WiMAX isn’t technically a 4G technology, but that’s not stopping other carriers from doing the same with their respective “4G” networks either. From T-Mobile’s HSPA+ to the rollout of LTE, none of these are these are technically 4G technologies. We have to wait for the next-gen of WiMAX and LTE for that to happen.

In any case, if you’re happy with Sprint’s (almost) 4G WiMAX, you can go beyond the Samsung Epic 4G and HTC EVO 4G to find the Overdrive 3G/4G Mobile Hotspot too. [Sprint]