Full electric Honda Fit makes debut at LA Auto Show

Full electric Honda Fit makes debut at LA Auto Show


It looks like Honda is really starting to take this whole electric car thing a little more seriously. Going beyond the hybrid game of the Insight and CR-Z, we find a full electric vehicle on display at the LA Auto Show.

If you’re thinking that its outward appearance looks familiar, you’d be right. It’s the tried and true Honda Fit, which happens to use the exact same platform as the aforementioned Insight and CR-Z. The key difference, of course, is that this is a true EV. Honda is promising that an EV of some kind will be delivered within two years.

The tech is being borrowed from the CR-Z, as well as that FCX Clarity fuel cell vehicle that we’ve been seeing for several years now. When plugged into a 240V socket, the Fit EV can fully recharge in six hours and go for about 100 miles at a time. Its max speed is limited to 90mph to help extend range and it has the same three drive modes as the Honda CR-Z sports hybrid.

I’ve said before that electric cars are not the future and even though I’ve taking some flack for saying it, I still believe the statement holds true. Honda thinks so too, banking on hydrogen as the future, but it also recognizes that Fit EV definitely has its place among the product portfolio too.