Air car concept unveiled by Volvo

Air car concept unveiled by Volvo


What does it take to shock the world? The answer is simple: innovation. And when it comes to innovation in the automobile sector, Volvo, arguably stands apart.

At the LA Auto Show, Volvo came up with a vehicle concept that may seem bizarre to some, cool to many and splendid to most. Yes, we are talking about the Air Motion Concept – a nearly 1000 pound four seater enclosed in a carbon-fiber clamshell. Alright, you may ask, so what exactly does it use? An eco-friendly gas kit? An electric motor? Actually, neither! The Air Motion Concept runs on a tank full of compressed air. And it doesn’t stop there, as Volvo even went as far as proposing wind-powered refueling stations in order to ensure that the power for the Air Motion Concept is borne solely out of thin air. Okay, in my opinion the last bit indeed sounds a tad bit exaggerated.

To quote from Volvo, the idea behind the Air Motion Concept is to minimize “weight and complexity while maximizing driver enjoyment.” Not a bad one indeed!

They surely have started on the right track as far as minimizing of complexity is concerned. The pneumatic engine doesn’t quite heat up as much as regular combustion ones (so this means you may, as well, bid farewell to all your radiator woes). The trade-off shall lie in the resulting limited range possibility, but that seems plausible enough as long the as pneumatic engine delivers all that is expected out of it.

Volvo did not bother providing any performance stats, so the ultimate output is anyone’s guess. But lightweight cars are, more often than not, well loved by drivers and the Air Motion Concept should be no exception. Giving it a spin shall surely be a joy ride, to say the least. Other air powered cars exist on the market today, but Volvo’s concept looks a bit more “sporty” and sadly something we won’t see for another decade.