Check out the world’s smallest legible computer font

Check out the world’s smallest legible computer font


Go ahead. Squint a little harder. Now squint some more. Maybe now you can actually make out the words to the document that you see embedded in this post. That’s because it is apparently using the world’s smallest legible computer font.

Sure, you could probably shrink down other fonts to even more Liliputian-scale proportions, but no one would be able to read it. This font is already a bit of a stretch and it will obviously depend on the size and resolution of your computer screen, but there you have it. In case you’re wondering, it’s the Declaration of Independence.

This tiny font may seem like just an exercise in what is allegedly possible, but there’s another angle for this. You know how people complain about the amount of information that can be displayed on a cell phone? What if you cranked this font out on a mobile phone display of suitable resolution? You’d get a lot more e-mail shown at you at any time, that’s for sure.

Source: GeekLogie