Cinemin Slice pico projector iPad dock

Cinemin Slice pico projector iPad dock


You decided to buy an iPad because you figured the screen on the iPhone was too small for proper video watching. Go ahead and bump that number up to a 60-inch display with the Wowwee Cinemin Slice. It may look like just another dock, but it’s rocking a pico projector under the hood.

This means that you can dock your iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad and it’ll beam the appropriate image onto a blank surface for you. If said blank surface is about ten feet away, you get a resulting image of up to sixty inches. It’s got 1000:1 contrast, 16:9 aspect ratio, and 16 ANSI lumens, but a paltry 854 x 480 resolution may have you thinking twice about buying this hack job novelty DLP projector.

It’s not a total hack though, as it also has a pair of six-watt speakers, a headphone jack, infrared remote, mini-HDMI input, and other AV ports for added connectivity.  Too bad there’s no SD slot.  This beast will empty your wallet at $429.99.  Look for it to ship in January 2011; pre-orders begin November 23 at Wowwee.