Samsung prints 19-inch AMOLED display with inkjet printer

Samsung prints 19-inch AMOLED display with inkjet printer


Far be it for me to call myself an expert in the field of manufacturing, but you have to admit that Samsung is doing some rather interesting things these days. We’ve already seen the flexible AMOLED, but how about a display that comes off an inkjet printer? How about one that measures 19-inches?

As odd as it may sound, that’s precisely what Samsung has been able to achieve. Apparently, the Korean firm was showing off a 19-inch AMOLED TV prototype “made using a printing method.” More specifically, the company says it’s using an “inkjet method” for its production.

I imagine this is still quite different from you printing off some family photos, but it does demonstrate some revolutionary manufacturing techniques. Seiko Epson had a 14-inch OLED panel last year, but the Samsung unit today beats it out in almost every respect.

That said, it’s still not up to snuff with regular LCDs just yet. The active matrix OLED only has a resolution of 960 x 540, which is about a quarter of full 1920×1080 HD. It also only has 16.77 million colors with an 8-bit color scale, 58ppi resolution, and 200cd/m2 luminance. On the bright side (no pun intended), it’s only 4mm thick.

I dig the super high contrast that AMOLED is able to provide. If Samsung can up the ante with the resolution (and bring the price down on a per unit basis), this tech could expand well beyond its smartphone line and they’ll be practically printing money. [TechOn]