eBook sales to hit $1 billion

eBook sales to hit $1 billion


Everyone likes reading (even those few rare ones who don’t like reading, rarely admit it). Gone are the days when reading was limited to paper. Yeah sure! You’ll tell me nothing beats the good feeling of holding a book in your hands even today. I won’t argue, because the recent figures associated with ebook sales tend to speak for themselves.

Ebooks are doing great business, and this is not an exaggerated claim. Surveys conducted by market research firm Forrester show that the already massive ebook business is likely to do even better in the times to come. Forrester surveyed nearly 4000 people and the findings showed that they purchased ebooks worth $ 996 million this year. Though only 7% of the total surveyed populace bothered to actually ‘read’ the ebooks in entirety, the bucks spent by them clearly show the tremendous rise in popularity of ebooks.

Shocked? Wait, there’s more to come. The survey reflected that the ardent book lovers did 41% of their reading in digital format. Surely the numbers are impressive, but this popularity of ebooks doesn’t denote a similar rise in power of ebook readers. A good number of ebook lovers prefer to use their laptop for reading, and, just in case you are a number-cruncher, those using a reader are divided in the following manner:

  • 32% on Amazon’s Kindle
  • 15% on Apple iPhone
  • 12% on Sony e-Reader
  • 10% on netbooks

Beyond that, Kindle users rely on ebooks most dominantly (a whopping 66% of them read in digital form). That’s no shocking discovery to me!

So having nearly touched the billion dollar mark, ebooks have established themselves as a force to reckon with and killed any doubts in the skeptic mind. What next? Well with the awe-inspiring profits, more publishers are expected to turn to ebooks, giving you and me more of reading pleasure.

Source: Engadget

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