Pre-orders begin for Kno tablet textbook

Pre-orders begin for Kno tablet textbook


If you’ve ever been to college, then you’ll know that textbooks are expensive. Very expensive. And kind of wasteful with all the trees they have to cut to print all those pages. The Kno tablet textbook is supposed to change all of that.

In a sense, you could say that the Kno is like a Kindle or an iPad in that it can be used for reading e-books, but this device was designed from the ground up as a “digital textbook,” as well as a means of “creating a powerfully effective learning environment.”

The single-screen Kno is being pegged at $599. If you want to go with the dual-screen Kno, then you’ll need to pony up $899. Both feature displays measuring 14.1-inches.

They say that, thanks to the “lower cost of digital textbooks,” the Kno effectively pays for itself in three semesters. The hurdle, of course, is convincing the textbook publishers to adopt this format.

Kno is taking a “limited number of pre-orders” now, with the first shipments expected by the end of the year.