Hanvon e-book reader will be first with color e-ink technology

Hanvon e-book reader will be first with color e-ink technology


Up until now it seemed that e-reader enthusiasts have had to make a very important decision. If they want the sunshine-friendly display with unbelievable battery life, they’d go e-ink. If they want bright colors and a vibrant display, they’d go LCD. Well, Hanvon is prepared to give them the best of both worlds.

Also listed as Hanwang in some circles, Hanvon is a Chinese company and it’s getting ready to introduce the first e-reader with a color e-ink display. Since it’s not nearly as well known a name in the Western market as Amazon or Apple, it may not have the same kind of impact. Even so, this is still a very notable announcement.

By going with a color e-ink display, Hanvon could indeed be finding that perfect middle ground for e-book readers. You get color and you get the sunshine-ready screen. The battery life is set up to last for a few weeks at a time too.

I remember seeing some of the Hanvon products at Computex in June. They’re largely targeting the Chinese market, but will other companies adopt the same tech for their own products? Barnes & Noble already moved away from e-ink to an IPS display for the new Nook Color; will they move back to e-ink if it does color?