Google chrome offering free in-flight Wi-Fi

Google chrome offering free in-flight Wi-Fi


Flying home for the holidays? Not looking forward to reading the in-flight magazine again? Want something more than an iPod to pass your time? Apparently, Google has you covered with free Internet access on the plane.

The search engine giant has partnered up with three different airlines in the United States to provide passengers with free in-flight Wi-Fi access. This is on every domestic flight between November 20, 2010 and January 2, 2011 on AirTran Airways, Delta, and Virgin America.

These are the three airlines that have already outfitted their entire domestic fleet with Gogo Inflight Wi-Fi. No, the connection is going to be particularly fast. Yes, they may have some restrictions in place. But hey, at least you can check your Gmail and sort through your Google Reader.

Considering that so many airports still charge for Internet access, it does sound pretty good that you can still log on while thousands of feet in the sky.

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