iPod nano watch done right with silicone Hex strap

iPod nano watch done right with silicone Hex strap


The current generation iPod nano is pretty small. It’s so small that people have cleverly converted it into a wearable watch. The first attempt was an ugly nylon strap, but this new band from Hex seems to scream out a little more geek chic.

Instead of a crappy nylon strap, the $24.95 Hex band is made from what appears to be a silicone material, similar to the rubbery cases that you might buy to protect your cell phone (or MP3 player, as the case may be). Hex is offering it in a number of different colors and, depending on your fashion sense, it may not look all that terrible.

I probably wouldn’t do this myself, but then again, I haven’t worn a Timex Ironman watch in over a decade. It’s not for everyone, but it is an interesting idea. You can even snake the headphone cord through your sleeve for some semi-stealth musical enjoyment… but you’ll still stick out from the crowd with your touchscreen iPod watch.

SOURCE: Giz via Hex