Flipping out with Win7-powered Dell Inspiron Duo netbook-tablet

Flipping out with Win7-powered Dell Inspiron Duo netbook-tablet


The concept of a convertible tablet notebook isn’t exactly new, nor is it all that popular among the popular masses, but that might soon be changing with the presumably more affordable Dell Inspiron Duo. It’s a netbook that can also serve as a tablet.

Most other convertible tablets feature a “twisting” mechanism in the hinge so you can flip flop the display to suit your needs. The Inspiron Duo does it quite differently, as you can see from the pictures. It opens up like a regular netbook/notebook, but the display can “flip” inside its bezel. I’m not entirely sure if this is better or worse, but it is certainly different.

Dell isn’t exactly forthcoming with the nitty-gritty details just yet, though, so we’re left wondering how much horsepower is going to plunked under the hood and how many doubloons we’ll have to put forth to get our hands on one.

We do know that it uses Windows 7 as its OS and, based on what we can see, we also hope that Dell provides a super touch-friendly UI overlay to make the tablet half of the equation a little more user-friendly. Either way, I think the Inspiron Duo is “cute,” and it should be able to carve out its own little niche in the market.

SOURCE: TechnaBob via Blogeee, nDevil