Is your WiFi-touting laptop killing the next generation?

Is your WiFi-touting laptop killing the next generation?


Here we go again. Two new studies are adding more fuel to the fire, providing further evidence that our laptops may not be in our best interest. This is especially true if you choose to use your laptop in your lap, because it could be preventing you from putting a bun in the oven. It could be making your little swimmers a little less viable. Catch my drift?

Toasted skin syndrome isn’t all you have to worry about. Whether you’re rocking a Dell Inspiron or a MacBook Pro, that notebook could be negatively affecting the quality of your sperm too. The two studies, one from Toronto and the other from Argentina, are concluding that being close to heat (and other radiation) could be undermining the quality of sperm and hindering fertility as a result.

“We speculate that keeping the laptops [in WiFi mode] on the lap near the testes may result in decreased male fertility,” the scientists say in a summary of the research.

And it’s not just the heat either. The research from Argentina found “reductions in motility and potentially more serious DNA damage” when sperm were kept close to a laptop. They suspect that it could have something to do with the Wi-Fi radio waves. Does this mean that you’re a little safer with a wired connection? Does this also tie into why they say having a cell phone in your pocket (since it’s so close to your family jewels) could have a similarly negative impact?

Being close to heat or other radiation from the devices seems to undermine the quality of sperm in some instances, possibly hindering fertility as a result, research from Toronto and Argentina concluded.

The Canadian study found that sperm exposed in a laboratory to a laptop computer had lower levels of motility – the capacity to squirm toward eggs and start the reproductive process – than unexposed sperm.

The Argentine research, presented this week at the American Society for Reproductive Medicine conference in Denver, found reductions in motility and potentially more serious DNA damage for sperm kept close to a laptop – and suggested WiFi radio waves were to blame.”

This problem has been known for years, new studies continue to conclude the same results – a laptop on your lap can sterilize you.  Should you be concerned? Well, only if you’re actively trying to procreate, you may want to use your laptop somewhere other than your lap – like on a desk.  I don’t think it would be good on your pregnant wife’s lap either, but that’s just my two cents.

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