Jawbone expands business with Jambox portable Bluetooth speaker

Jawbone expands business with Jambox portable Bluetooth speaker


To this day, my favorite Bluetooth headset is still the Aliph Jawbone. It’s comfortable, stylish, and works very well. Now Jawbone is looking to capitalize on that success by spreading their wings into speakers. Here is the Jambox, the first speaker from the Jawbone people.

It looks almost like a giant carpeted piece of Lego, but the bright red portable speaker actually connects to any compatible stereo Bluetooth device for some mobile music sharing. The built-in rechargeable battery is said to last up to ten hours at a time.

The speaker box contains a pair of proprietary acoustic drivers. Each is designed to capture both high (tweeter-esque) sounds and low (woofer-like) frequencies. It has a frequency range of 60Hz – 20kHz and a max output of 85db. Oh, and it’ll do 3.5mm input too, in case you want to skip the Bluetooth business.

I don’t really see how this is all that different than the countless other Bluetooth speakers out there, but you could almost say the same about the Jawbone headset. Maybe this just does the same job, only better. In any case, it’ll sell for $200 and if you don’t dig the red, it also comes in black, blue, and gray.