iPad OnOne DSLR remote Camera app does what all other remote camera...

iPad OnOne DSLR remote Camera app does what all other remote camera software does


Having just lost (read: probably stolen) my camera at a hockey game, I’m in the market for a new shooter. It might be time for me to step up into the DSLR range and thanks to apps like the OnOne DSLR Camera Remote, I’m getting much more interested.

You can already get this app on your iPod touch or iPhone, but the larger screen of the iPad could make for a very powerful solution for professional photographers and other studio-geared folks. Basically, the OnOne app will take the info from your DSLR and display it on the iPad.

From what I can tell, you can get the LiveView thing going on, as well as all your aperture, shutter, ISO, and other settings. As its name implies, the OnOne DSLR Camera Remote app also acts as a remote shutter. That’s what the “fire” button in the corner is for. You even zoom and pan with gestures.

This looks like it could be remarkably useful. Adding video shooting to the iPhone app is a $10 upgrade. The original iPhone app is $20, but the new (full) iPad app clocks in at an impressive $50. Considering the amount of money spent on DSLR accessories, that’s almost a bargain, no? There’s also the free lite app, if you wan’t to give it a whirl. You still have to be tethered to a computer, so in the end you can use Nikon’s or Canon’s camera control software.