PSA: Don’t rely on phone alarms around DST changes

PSA: Don’t rely on phone alarms around DST changes


Many people have long since ditched standalone products that their cell phones have replaced. You might not have an iPod anymore, because you have an iPhone, for example. However, you won’t want to rely on that iPhone to wake you up in the morning.

Sure, the daily alarm can be just fine and dandy for most of the year, but it appears that a software glitch could leave you hooped around daylight savings time. You know that whole “spring ahead” or “fall back,” business?

Over the UK, many upset iPhone 4 owners were late for work because the alarm on their treasured smartphone went off one hour too late. This seems to only be a problem with preset daily alarms as the one-off alarms still went off at the right time. That cheap $10 alarm clock from Radio Shack turns out to be a much more reliable choice.

I guess it’s a good thing that I’m a freelance writer and don’t really have much in terms of set working hours. This would suck royally if I had a flight to catch, though.

SOURCE: Life Hacker