Next iPad to get 5MP rear camera, plus front cam for FaceTime?

Next iPad to get 5MP rear camera, plus front cam for FaceTime?


The Apple iPad has clearly taken the world by storm, but it’s far from finished with its world domination. A new version is already in the works and the rumors are pointing toward a dual-camera configuration, not unlike the iPhone 4.

In fact, the current rumors are pointing toward using the exact same parts for the cameras on the next-gen iPad as the ones being used on the current iPhone 4. There will be a five-megapixel CMOS camera in the back from OmniVision, as well as an OmniVision-sourced front-facing camera with FaceTime video chat support.

This follows up on solid leaks of an e-mail enabled FaceTime function, which should be making its way onto the new iPad. Since Apple has already extended FaceTime to the Mac, pushing it to the iPad is the next logical step.

I’m not sold on Apple’s video calling, since the idea of video calling has been around for a long time already and people don’t really use it, but I can’t blame Apple for pushing it onto the tablet too. The 5MP camera is kinda funny, though, as the nearly 10-inch iPad is probably one of the biggest cameras you’ll yield on a casual basis.

SOURCE: Mac Observer