India inexplicably gets a no-glasses 3D cell phone

India inexplicably gets a no-glasses 3D cell phone


According to the fine folks at Nintendo, the reason why the 3DS is $300 is that the technology involved in ofering a glasses-free 3D experience is kind of expensive. Well, maybe not, because here is a $100 cell phone bound for India that is promising much the same experience.

I’d take said claims with a massive bucket of saffron, but what you see here is the M-67 3D from Spice Mobility in India. It sells for Rs 4,299, which works out to less than $100, and that’s without a contract of any kind. It doesn’t have a touchscreen, but the 2.36-inch display is said to offer 3D capabilities.

More specifically, that QVGA-resolution screen is accompanied by a dedicated 3D shortcut key. This swaps between 2D and 3D viewing modes, not only for the UI, but also for pictures and video. There’s also a 2MP camera in back, but it’s a dual-wielding 3D camera pair. And yes, it rocks dual-SIMs too. The phone itself looks kind of like an older Sony Ericsson to me, but I’d imagine the 3D-ness will ultimately leave you reaching for something else in the distance.

SOURCE: Engadget via Spice Mobility