eBay Instant Sale recycles old gadgets, gives you cash

eBay Instant Sale recycles old gadgets, gives you cash


It’s not exactly the most novel idea, but neither were touchscreen phones when the iPhone first emerged. Look where that led us. It seems that the folks at eBay want to do a little something for the environment, so they’ve launched a new gadget recycling program that puts a little extra spending money in your pocket.

It started out as Resell, Re-use, Recycle, but it has since taken on a much simpler name: eBay Instant Sale. The idea is that you go to the eBay Instant website, plug in some basic information about the gadget you no longer need, and it’ll pump out a dollar value.

Should you choose to accept the value, you can print out the free shipping label and bid adieu to your Motorola RAZR and your Canon A60 digital camera. About a week or so later, the money shows up in your PayPal account for your spending pleasure (presumably back on eBay).

I’d imagine that the sale values for your old gadgets wouldn’t be all that much money, but it’s better than nothing. They’ll even take your $0 value items, providing you with the same free shipping label. Makes you wonder what they do with this gadgetry afterwards? Is eBay looking for a cheap way to build Skynet using last year’s technology?