Windows Phone 7 incentives give some a free Xbox and others a...

Windows Phone 7 incentives give some a free Xbox and others a Zune Pass


That’s what you call synergy. Or leveraging your other brands. Or going all out with your marketing. Whatever you want to call it, it seems that Microsoft is taking this whole Windows Phone 7 business pretty seriously and it’s not afraid to give out some free stuff to attract your interest. The complete opposite of what Samsung has done with their Galaxy Tab launch.

Austrian customers will want to look toward A1 as their carrier of choice, because everyone who buys a new Windows Phone 7 handset during the launch window will get a free Xbox 360. They’ll have to sign a new two-year contract to get it, but the free console is presumably above and beyond the regular contract subsidy on the phone itself.

A similar offer is being extended by Movistar of Spain. If you’re among the first 100 customers to buy a Windows Phone 7 device on launch day at the Central Madrid store, you’ll get a free Xbox 360. That’s not quite as the “everyone gets an Xbox” promotion in Austria, but it’ll certainly solicit a lineup of at least a hundred deep.

What about the United States? Well, there’s no free Xbox being thrown around in Microsoft’s home country, unfortunately. Instead, AT&T is going to give out a month of the Zune Pass subscription service for every Windows Phone 7 handset sold, Microsoft is upping it with three months free. After that, you’re on the hook for $15/month to keep it going.

Apple doesn’t need to do these kinds of promotions, because the iPhone 4 is still selling like hotcakes. Even so, can you imagine if they did? Everyone who buys an iPhone gets a free iPod touch. Oh wait, I guess you wouldn’t really need that, huh? Maybe a free Apple TV?

SOURCE: Engadget via Into Mobile