Apple extends FaceTime video chat to Mac computers

Apple extends FaceTime video chat to Mac computers


FaceTime is supposed to be one of the major defining features for the iPhone 4 and it features prominently in a lot of the advertising for the smartphone. Well, that video chat software is now bound for laptops and desktops too.

Apple announced during its “Back to Mac” event earlier today that FaceTime is indeed bound for the Mac platform including the recently updated MacBook Air, the beta version is available for download right now. Video chatting isn’t exactly anything new, on both mobile devices and especially on a full computer, but Apple wants to sell it to us on the novelty factor.

It’s likely that many Mac users will install the software and fiddle around it to chat once or twice with friends, but I don’t see it overtaking services like Skype for that kind of functionality any time soon. I’d imagine extending FaceTime to the computer might help with making the iOS FaceTime experience a little more useful, but not really.

Then again, I’m not coming from a Mac background to begin with. In any case, you can go ahead and get the beta FaceTime for Mac but know that it’ll only work with OS X 10.6.4 or better.