HasWiFi checks if your flight has WiFi: Until all flights have WiFi

HasWiFi checks if your flight has WiFi: Until all flights have WiFi


Going on a trip can be a lot of fun, but the flight there can be monotonously boring if you’ve already seen all the movies they make available. Sometimes an Internet connection to surf the web while you’re thousands of feet in the air can quickly pass the time, and even let you get some work done. The problem is that not every flight is being equipped with in-flight Wi-Fi, but a number of them are (most of which for a fee). Before you hit that “book” button on Expedia, you might want to check out HasWiFi.com. The site offers a databse of carriers, planes, and flights that come with a Wi-Fi option.

The database is still very much in its early stages and it’s nowhere near comprehensive, but the idea is compelling and — with proper input from the online community and more agreements with airlines — the database will likely get a lot better. For now, it handles six carriers in the United States. I like it, but it’s got a long way to go. The database needs to get bigger and it would be great if they included information about how much the Wi-Fi costs on the flight, what sort of speeds you can expect, and other related details for the web-connected flyer-to-be. Until of course, all flights have Wi-Fi, which is the inevitable outcome in this technologically equipped world, and will unfortunately spell the demise of HasWiFi.com.

SOURCE: Switched, HasWiFi.com