Understanding all the technological lawsuits these days (Infographic)

Understanding all the technological lawsuits these days (Infographic)


It seems that we hear about a new lawsuit every day and it’s getting more and more confusing by the minute. Apple is suing HTC for over 20 different software patents. Kodak is suing Samsung for something about image storage and movie previews.

With so many lawsuits being handed in every which direction, how can you keep track of it all? Well, the very kind folks at InformationIsBeautiful.net were kind enough to put together this “simple” infographic that culls together as much data as they could from the Guardian and New York Times.

You can see that Nokia has suits against both Hitachi and Sharp over LCD price fixing. Sony Ericsson is suing Kodak over the handling of digital images. And Microsoft is suing Motorola about email contact patents. Confused as ever? Yeah, me too.

And do you know who wins at the end of the day? It’s not the consumer. It’s not the tech titan. It’s the lawyers. Just like the whole legal kerfuffle over Google Books and the scanning of copyright material.

VIA: Gadget Review
SOURCE: Information is Beautiful