Greenpois0n Jailbreak FAQ released for iOS devices

Greenpois0n Jailbreak FAQ released for iOS devices


For those who can’t wait for a Dev-Team developed jailbreak for your iPhone, iPad or iPods, then you may have looked at GreenPois0n as an alternative. The tool comes with no guarantee and raises many questions for users looking to break their 4.1 firmware. @omokas has posted an updated faq just 40 minutes ago explaining almost everything about the GreenPois0n Jailbreak, even including irc contact details to get a hold of the devs. Here’s a reprint from the original pastie post:

Greenpois0n FAQ

Q.Does GreenPois0n Unlock an iPhone ?
A.No it doesn’t.

Q.which devices does it support ?
A.It supports iPad (all versions), iPod Touch 3G , iPod Touch 4G, iPhone 3GS (Old&New Bootrom) and iPhone 4.
Will support iPod Touch 2G MC soon.

Q.Can I jailbreak without a Computer/MAC ?
A.No you can’t. Because the bootrom exploit used cannot be applied from userland.

Q.In which Operating Systems can I run Greenpois0n ?
A.In windows and linux for the moment. MAC Version will be released soon.

Q. How many exploits does Greenpois0n use ?
A. It uses 2 exploits. A bootrom exploit to gain root privileges and then a userland exploit to patch the kernel.

Q.I am on 4.2 betas.. why can’t I use Greenpois0n ?
A.For the moment greenpois0n doesn’t support beta versions.

Q. Which iOS versions does Greenpois0n support ?
A. For now it only supports 4.1

Q. I can’t activate my locked iPhone because I do not have the operator SIM or a PhoneBook SIM. How can I jailbreak ?
A. Greenpois0n hack-tivates your iPhone. Which means it will activate it without the original SIM or a PhoneBook SIM.

Q. I am having problems with greenpois0n, can I contact the devs to help me ?
A. Yes. You can download an IRC Client and login on server in channel #Greenpois0n (Ask before your PM).

Q. Who developed and helped on greenpois0n ?
A. Posixninja, pod2g, comex, AriX, DHowett, chpwn, chronic, Jaywalker, OPK, semaphore, westbaer, etc.

Q. Is greenpois0n stable or should I trust Limera1n?
A. limera1n tool is unstable because it was made in 1 day. Greenpois0n is tested before release and its much more stable than limera1n.

Q. I jailbroke with RC3 or a lower version. If another version is released how can I install it ?
A. You must restore your device via iTunes (clean install .. “Set Up as New”) and then apply the jailbreak again.
This way you are 100% sure the new version will be installed to your device.

Q. Why do I have to do a clean restore in order to apply a new version ?
A. Because its safer. An unstable old version might not be fully replaced by the new one and you might experience problems.

Q. Do I need to plug in my iPhone to my computer in order for it to boot ?
A. No. At least in 4.1 the jailbreak is UNTETHERED which means you don’t need a PC to boot your device.
In next versions the exploit will be patched and it will be TETHERED, so you will need a PC to boot it.

Q. How do I donate to the devs ? Is it neccesary ?
A. It is not neccesary to donate. By donating you show your appreciation to the devs. You can donate by vising Greenpois0n site and clicking on the “Donate” button.

Q. I am on a locked 3GS and I want to unlock it. Can I update to 4.1 , jailbreak and then unlock ?
A. NO. You must wait for an unlock before updating to 4.1. You can’t preserve your baseband on a 3GS yet.

Q. I am on an iPhone 4 (4.0.1 or 4.0.2) and I want to jailbreak and unlock it. How can I do this ?
A. If you want to jailbreak with Greenpois0n you must update to 4.1. But you MUST use TinyUmbrella to preserve your Baseband before updating.
See guide here .

Q. Can I ask something more ?
A. NO please don’t.. Its 8:05 and I have to finish my Homework till 10:00PM.. (just kidding of course)

FAQ by omokas (@omokas)