Five million Samsung Galaxy S smartphones sold worldwide

Five million Samsung Galaxy S smartphones sold worldwide


Many people have said that 2010 is the year of the Android and that is quickly coming to fruition, but Google isn’t the only one benefitting from the platform’s rise. It didn’t take all that long, but Samsung has just surpassed the five million unit milestone for its Galaxy S family of smartphones.

I’ve always thought of HTC as the leader in this realm, having released phones like the original G1 and the more recent Droid Incredible, but Samsung (and Motorola) have carved out some nice wedges of the pie for themselves too. It also helps that Samsung has multiple versions of the Galaxy S for different carriers, making the phone available to as many people as possible.

Remember that the first Samsung Galaxy S shipped only at the end of June, so five million phones sold in three and a half months is nothing to sneeze at. Of those five million, two million phones were sold in the United States, one million in Korea, and the remaining two million in other markets around the world.

If you’ve ever had the chance to gaze into the brilliant four-inch AMOLED touchscreen of a Galaxy S, you’ll understand its appeal. Take that, Retina display?