Verizon iPhone 4 could be announced at CES 2011

Verizon iPhone 4 could be announced at CES 2011


If everything goes according to a WSJ report that surfaced yesterday, the Apple iPhone could be available from Verizon Wireless in early 2011. Reports indicate that Apple is making a new iPhone near the end of this year, although we’ve heard this story for the past 5 years, a Verizon iPhone is looking more clear according to new information.

The new iPhone will be similar to the current iPhone 4, only providing the “alternate wireless technology” (CDMA, LTE) to be used on Verizon’s network. LTE would be the only way I could see Apple allowing their device on Verizon’s network, it would be fast enough to handle both web and simultaneous use of the phone for voice calls and other video intensive applications, something CDMA can’t do. So a 4G-LTE iPhone would be the answer to that, and Verizon plans to offer coverage to 38 major cities before the year is out.

If it’s an exclusivity issue, well, according to WSJ those terms have been renegotiated and are set to expire this December, not 2011 as previously identified in court documents. Giving all the more reason for a Verizon iPhone.

A 4G iPhone announcement from Verizon should be expected at CES in early January. If we don’t hear anything by then, put this story back in the failed Verizon rumor line. How many of you on Verizon are waiting for an iPhone? And how many of you with an iPhone on AT&T are waiting for a switch?