Colorware launches the Grip for iPad, first physical product

Colorware launches the Grip for iPad, first physical product


Colorware already charges huge fees to paint up your electronic gadgetry in a range of different colors, but it looks like they want to sell physical products on their own too. The first of these is the Grip for iPad. Check it out; it’s exactly what you think it is.

The Grip for iPad is a protective case, but unlike all the other cases that pretty much just wrap up your tablet, the Grip adds a little handle on the side too. Presumably, this handle makes the iPad easier for you to hold, but I imagine it could get in the way of two-handing the virtual keyboard.

There are three versions of the case, but they’re all basically the same. It’s just about fit. There’s one for the Colorware-painted Gloss iPad, Colorware-painted Softtouch iPad, and an iPad that hasn’t been Colorware-painted at all.

As can be expected with just about anything with the Colorware name, the Grip for iPad is anything but inexpensive. Expect to drop about $300 on this thing, but don’t expect much in terms of actual protection.