The Mobile Wind Turbine concept

The Mobile Wind Turbine concept


Wind farms are gaining in adoption across the World, and this is a good thing. But they are typically not able to be setup in remote or unpopulated locations, until now. The Mobile Wind Turbine is a concept by Pope Design, it combines a long, stable, hybrid carrier with a collapsable wind turbine and mast on its back. The carrier can transport the turbine to any area energy is needed, it can also store energy to power itself, and with multiple units present reserves can be stored in trailer sized battery storage units.

Typically, fuel is trucked out to remote locations where generators run to power equipment and other necessities needed at corporate sites, military camps and even rock concerts; Mobile Wind Turbines can take care of everything. Tripods extend from the sides of the vehicle allowing it to remain in a sturdy supported position. Next, the turbine boom is extended and fastened in place with cables, it’s a 2-piece design that opens like scissors. The props on the turbine are made of ultra light-weight thermoplastic, so its not top heavy and these are manually aligned by the operator before extended the boom. No word on how much energy these turbines could output, or if anyone will be manufacturing this concept sometime soon.

[Inhabitat via Pope Design]