Motorola S10-HD Bluetooth headset designed to take on sweat

Motorola S10-HD Bluetooth headset designed to take on sweat


Whether you’re hitting up the gym or going outside for a run, you probably want to have some tunes on hand. At the same time, you don’t want to deal with wires and cables. The Motorola S10-HD lets you handle both in style with a sporty wraparound design.

In terms of functionality, this Bluetooth headset is pretty much standard. You pair it up with your chosen stereo Bluetooth device and it’ll pump those tunes into your eardrums without wires. The wrap-around-the-neck design helps to keep it in place while your head bobs up and down during the cardiovascular activity of choice. What sets the S10-HD apart, though, is that it is “designed to withstand all sorts of sweat beads.” Go ahead and drench it in your sweat. They say it won’t skip a beat. Recessed speakers, hydrophobic acoustic mesh, and silicon seals were used in the making to protect the electronic components from the salty wet stuff. And yes, it’ll take phone calls too.

Look for these to drop at your local Best Buy on October 24 for $79.99.

Motorola Introduces S10-HD: Bluetooth Headphones that Keep Your Music Moving

The smarter way to take your music with you, wherever life may take you

LIBERTYVILLE, ILL. – September 27, 2010 – Motorola, Inc., the world leader in Bluetooth® headsets, today announced S10-HD, the only Bluetooth® stereo headphones designed to keep your music moving with you. S10-HD provides rich, high-definition sound quality in a comfortable, sweat proof design. S10-HD will be available starting October 24 through Best Buy.

“Motorola created S10-HD to accommodate an active lifestyle – from working out to hanging out, it fits into anyone’s routine,” said Wayne White, corporate vice president, Companion Products, Motorola Mobility. “S10-HD not only provides superior high definition sound quality but the advanced design ensures the headset is dust and sweat proof.”

Don’t Sweat It
Put S10-HD to the test, the lightweight, sweat proof and water resistant design can keep up with you, from a rigorous work out to running errands. S10-HD uses advanced materials and a thoughtful design ensures the electronics stay dry. The S10-HD’s speakers are recessed in their housing with a new ear cushion interface and hydrophobic acoustic mesh ensures the headset is sweat proof, while preserving audio quality. To reduce exposure to moisture, silicone seals protect electrical components, all buttons are co-molded and the micro-USB charging cover is molded to the headphones housing with a water-proof plug.

Music to Your Ears

Listen to your favorite tunes in a whole new way with S10-HD high definition audio. The advance acoustic design along with the digital tuning and enhanced bass provide amazingly rich audio. It even takes your phone calls by automatically pausing the music and resuming it when you hang up.

Building on Perfection
S10-HD is an update to S9-HD, the award-winning Bluetooth stereo headphones that redefined wireless music. The back housing is redesigned to optimize antenna performance outdoors and improved buttons help make controlling music and calls a breeze.

S10-HD Bluetooth® headset will be available in the U.S. beginning October 24 at Best Buy stores and online for $79.99. For more information regarding S10-HD, please click here.