Jay Leno test drives the Tesla Roadster 2.5 (video)

Jay Leno test drives the Tesla Roadster 2.5 (video)


Most people know Jay Leno has the host of Tonight Show (sorry, Conan but you’ll be on Comedy Central soon), he also happens to be a huge car enthusiast. He has a massive garage filled with both vintage and current cars, but also wants to check out the newest vehicles too. So, in the clip below, he takes a look at the Tesla Roadster 2.5.

This is the most updated version of the Tesla Roaster and it represents quite a step up from the original Teslas. It’s still a full-electric car with no need for a single drop of gasoline. The most recent stat, which will speak to some of the naysayers of full-electrics, is that it gets an EPA-certified 245 miles on a single charge. They’ve also swapped out from a two-speed transmission to a single-speed transmission. This is apparently more efficient. In the video below, Jay also learns about how air-conditioning affects fuel economy, how the liquid cooling system works, and so on. It’s actually quite educational.

Sit back and grab a coffee, though, since the visit to Jay Leno’s Garage is over 16 minutes, not including the obligatory pre-play ad that NBC’s front-loaded to the clip (refresh to skip it).