Seabird phone concept by Billy May

Seabird phone concept by Billy May


This is a concept from Billy May, a conceptual designer and Mozilla Labs community member who set out to create with the feedback of his community, what he envisioned would be the future of mobile computing. It’s called the Seabird, and its design will change the way we look at mobile devices.

Seabird is sexy, clever, and intuitive. It has a lustful shape to it, a curved back, a sexy glare. Dual pico projectors can beam a split keyboard on either side of the handset, or when docked, display a full keyboard and large projected display.

This glimpse into the crystal ball of mobile computing will push the envelope for what we all expect future smartphones should be. Now all we have to do is wait 10 years for it to happen. Maybe sooner if a smart handset manufacturer gets Mays on board.

Check the video below to be blown away.