First LTE smartphone from HTC scheduled for 2011 release

First LTE smartphone from HTC scheduled for 2011 release


We have a couple of juicy tidbits for all the HTC smartphone enthusiasts in the audience. First, HTC has indeed confirmed that it has an LTE smartphone in the works, but it seems that this device will be slightly delayed in its launch. For now, the timetable is calling for a launch “some time in 2011.”

This would effectively miss the LTE rollout with Verizon Wireless, which is currently set to happen before the end of the year. At the same time, HTC has not confirmed who its initial LTE partner will be in the United States either. AT&T is planning to do the LTE thing about halfway through 2011; that timing would be closer to HTC’s timetable.

Considering how proud HTC was to launch the first 4G (WiMAX) phone in the United States with the HTC Evo 4G through Sprint, I’m thinking they’d want to be the first with LTE in our part of the world too. Interestingly, HTC is not saying whether the first LTE handset will be an Android or Windows Phone device.

Speaking of Windows Phone 7, HTC head honcho Peter Chou said that the company’s first WP7 device will not have the “complete Sense experience” that we enjoy on its Android phones. The “HTC experience” will come over time, partly because of Microsoft’s UI restrictions. Until I get a real taste of vanilla WP7, I’ll reserve judgement on what a Sense’d version of it should look like.