The geeky backpack by Quirky with built-in battery and charger

The geeky backpack by Quirky with built-in battery and charger


If you’re geeky like me, then you probably travel with your fair share of gadgetry too. Everything has its charger and needs to be charged. Addressing this primary concern is the new Trek Support backpack by the fine folks at Quirky.

On the outside, it may look like any other backpack with its assortment of pockets and straps, but inside it comes with a removable gadget dock. This allows you to dock up to three different USB gadgets and charge them simultaneously. The dock itself has a battery too, so you can use that for some extra top-up power on the go.

Continuing with the geek-friendly design, you get a dedicated laptop sleeve and a TSA checkpoint-friendly design. They could have taken it a few steps further by tossing in some solar panels, but it does look like you can pull out the power cord from the gadget dock while it is still in your bag. That way, you don’t have to remove your iPad and iPhone to charge them.

Since this is a Quirky project, these suggestions could still come into play. That’s because, at this point, the Trek Support backpack is little more than a concept in need of funding. Said funding comes by way of the $130 for pre-sales. Do you want one?