Android to get Qik video calls like FaceTime

Android to get Qik video calls like FaceTime


Video calls over cell phones aren’t exactly anything new. Nokia phones have supported this function natively for years, but Apple has just started to popularize it with FaceTime. Hoping to capitalize on this trend, Qik says it will soon be bringing a video call service to Android smartphones.

You may already know about Qik and its livestreaming service, but it looks like they’re expanding into the video call space too. This new version of Qik will allow for full-duplex, full-screen video calls via the Samsung Galaxy Tab tablet, but they say it should work with a range of other Android devices too.

Unlike FaceTime, which only (officially) works over a Wi-Fi connection, Qik says that you’ll be able to use its video call service over 3G, 4G, and Wi-Fi. The interface will be similar to FaceTime with a full screen of the person you’re talking to, shoving you into a smaller window in the corner.  In order to use the new Qik, which is set to hit Android Market next month, you’ll need an Android phone with a Cortex-A8 processor. These include the Motorola Droid X, HTC EVO 4G, and Samsung Galaxy S.

Qik for years has enabled mobile users the ability to broadcast movies from their mobile phone directly to the web.  They curently have 3.5 million users and are adding nearly 500,000 more each month.  Qik projects 75 million additional installs for 2011 thanks to their partnership with HTC, Motorola and Nokia (for the N97).